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Samaghogha Darshan
  Pigeon House (Chabutaro)
Other Places
Samaghogha - Main Gateway
:: Laxmi Gate:: south side of Lake/Garden ::
Donated by Shri Gangji Kuverji Vora & Family - Madura in sweet memory of Late Shri Vasanji Kuverji Vora's wife smt. Laxmiben on auspicious day of Samvat 2045 Vaishakh Sud - 3.
:: Purbai Gate :: North side of Lake/Garden ::
Donated by smt. Zaverben Bhanji Rambhia & Family - Madura in sweet memory of her mother "purbai" on auspicious day of 13/05/2006.
:: Shri Samaghogha Jain Mahajanwadi ::
Also known as Hasamwadi, building donated by shri Daya Devshi & Family in samvat 2010. In samvat 2016 mahajanwadi renovated.
In 1971 donation received from Shri Gangji Kuverji Vora & Atithi Gruh -Sabha Gruh Built up & name assigned was shri kuverji Asu Vora.
Then Gradually mahajanwadi expanded with various new facilities & with bigger place.

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