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Our Objectives :  To serve the Community of our village.
To provide education, counseling, support the needy and deserving people from our village.
  To create awareness & motivate brotherhood amongst our village.
  To create a bridge so that our cultural and spiritual heritage is maintained and our values and ethics (sansakara) are passed on to the next generation.
Vision & Mission : “ Education is the key to success and growth. ” - We have dreamt that each person of our village should be educated. By "educated" we mean that he/she should be at least a Graduate, has knowledge of computers and can speak fluent English.
“ To help needy people of our village & to make them independent by providing him/her all possible help.”
Committee Members
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Committee Members
Shri Devchand Vasanji Rambhia 
Shri Premji Hansraj Gala 
Vice President
Shri Shailesh Khimraj Gala
Shri Suresh Karamshi Gala
Late Shri Amrutlal Bhavanji Sangoi
  Shri Shantilal Umershi Gangar
Comm. Member
Shri Harilal Premji Gala
Comm. Member
Shri Jagdish Ratanshi Sangoi
Comm. Member
  Shri Raghavji Punshi Sangoi
Comm. Member
Shri Harshad Gangji Saiya
Comm. Member
Shri Manish Ravilal Sangoi
Comm. Member
Shri Ashwin Premji Gala
Comm. Member

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