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Samaghogha Cricket Club
Started by Shri Vipul Gala & friends in 1990 
Nice Performace in Navneet Cup in the year 1993 & ranked as first class team.
Won Naveneet Cup as on 29th December 1998, Tuesday.
Winner Team :
Shri Nilesh Damji Gala (Captain), Vipul Shantilal Gala (Wicket Keeper), Dinesh Khimraj Gala, Piyush Navin Sangoi, Manoj Hirji Sangoi, Vijay Raghavji Rambhia, Manish Bhavanji Bheda, Manish Hirji Gala, Vipul Khimji Bheda, Ritesh Gangji Bheda, Hiten Raghavji Rambhia, Jagdish Dhiraj Rambhia, Smit Vijay Rambhia, Jayesh Damji, Gangar, Vijay Hirji Vira, Kunal Laxmichand Rambhia.
Navneet Cup Trophy placed at office of Samaghogha Mahajan at Kutch.
Stars of Samaghogha
Shri Husainbhai Lalji was Hon’ble mayor of Mumbai & member of Mumbai Municipal Corporation between samvat 1985 to 2002 in British rule. During this tenure, while British King George 5th visited India 1st time, Shri Husainbhai Lalji gave a golden casket to him on behalf of peoples of Mumbai.
Shri Virjibhai Daya who also known as king of Rice. Due to his good leadership quality government of Burma has appointed him as a director of Reserve Bank of India. During that period he was also appointed as Sherif of Burma, looking at his special services he was awarded as “Rav Bahadur” by British government.
Shri Amrutlal Dharmashi Dhana was serving as a warden of civil defense of Maharashtra government. In 1971, during Indo-Pak war, he had managed most important people safety; Silver Medal awarded that he by govt. of India on 26th January 1978. He was 1st person in our community & in kutch who received such award.
Shri Himmatsinhji Narsinhji Jadeja was appointed as a vice D.C.P. of Gujarat Police at Ahmedabad & also awarded “Police Medal” from President of India.
Shri Bhavanji Karamshi Bheda worked as a Branch Manager of Punjab National Bank.
Shri Bharat Morarji Gala (M.D.) is no.1 Radiologist in Mumbai & runs Gala x’Ray clinic at Malad, he was working in Nanavati Hospital as consultant for M.R.I. Department. He has received visiting Fellowship of U.S.A. in 1985 & later in 1988 visiting Fellowship of Sweden. He had visited U.S.A. in 1991 for special study.
Shri Hasmukh Premji Gala: after completion of study (B.Com Honors) joined Canara Bank of India in 1970, He is working as a Branch Manager since 1996.
Shri Vinod Raghavji Gangar : After completion of B.Com. working as a Branch Manager at Indian Overseas Bank since 1971.
Gagubhai Punshi Sangoi : also known as Great Grand Father of Readymade Garment business, He was governer of Rotary Club of Madura.
Shri K.P. Gala well known advocate of Mumbai & 1st Kutchi President of Mumbai Advocate Association. His wife Late smt. Nalini Gala has completed their L.L.B. after age of 50 years. For her achievement her photo kept in hall of Mumbai Bar Association. She was founder member of KVO Lady Graduate Association, KVO Mahila Mandal & Van-Vihar.
Dr. Harilal Umarshi Gangar has got his basic degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Mumbai in 1967. In 1976, he passed Grad IETE Examination in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, which was held all over India, with highest marks at first attempt, scoring more than 60% marks in each subject and received Award, for it, through Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (Ex-President of India). He got PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mumbai in 2002. In the same year he also got degree of CSGM in Homoeopathy and RMP in Bio-chem. 

He has functioned as Head, Engineering & Workshop at Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (ICAR). He was involved in research on utilization of agro-industrial waste for production of biogas, paper, compost and mushroom. He has designed and installed large scale plants for production of biogas, compost, mushroom and paper from waste in leading agro-industries. He has initiated research on ‘use of homoeopathy in agriculture. 

At present he is engaged as consultant in an earth station to satellites. He is also rendering his services as “Expert” in Central Council of Research on Homoeopathy and Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (ICAR). He has been nominated for one of the most prestigious international award for 2012. 
Shri Manilal Popatlal Savla has received 1st class in B.A.L.L.B. & also received honor to become 1st solicitor of our community.
Shri Shantilal Kuverji Rambhia : In 1961 done B.Com. with 1st class, in 1965 done C.A./A.C.A. & started firn S.K.Rambhia & Co. Also given services to Pragati Foundation as President, KVO Seva Samaj as President, editor of Pagdandi Magazine, CVOCA as a President, Jain Social Group Mumlund as President.

His wife smt. Manjula Rambhia has received Best President award from International President of Jain Social Group. She was president of Lions Club & received Best President award. She was president of Ladies Department of Mulund KVO for Five years. She ‘d arranged various sports, antaxari for more than 150 mandals, organizations & given more than 200 time service as Judge in programs like Dandiya Ras, Garba & Debate Program.

Shri Ketan S. Rambhia completed CA/Cost engineering in 1993 & joined father’s firm. During 2005-06 he was president of Assocaition of C.A. He is giving service as a treasurer of Lions club of Mulund and committee member of Pragati Foundation.
Shri Dilip Shantilal Vira has taken B.E, (mech) degree from Vidya Nagar, Anand & working on Sub-Divisional Post at B.S.N.L. Valsad.
Shri Nilesh Damji Gala awarded Girnar Award for Social Service from Bruhad Mumbai Gujarati Samaj on 27th December 2009. Shri Nilesh Damji Gala awarded Jain Ratna Award on 28th March 2010.  

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